Magnetron Sputter – What Is It?

techThe magnetron sputtering has become the most significant technology for the deposition of thin films since 1974. It is mostly needed by all industrial branches for improvement of their existing products. Magnetron is an electron tube for generating microwaves with the flow of electrons controlled by an outer magnetic field. While sputtering is a process by which the particles are ejected from a compact target material due to bombardment of the target by energetic particles particularly the gas ions in the laboratory.

Only professionals can accomplish and develop this kind of technology. Regarding magnetron sputtering – what is it? This is a technique of the physical vapor deposition coating. It is used to deposit thin films of materials such as ceramics, plastics and metals onto other surfaces. The magnetron sputtering is widely used process in commercial and scientific applications like improving the corrosion resistance properties of magnesium alloys and steel. The process is carried out by a low-pressure environment. To concentrate high-energy ions onto the coating material in order to eject the atoms, it is used by magnetic field.

The existence of this products is a great way to improve each of the company service for their clients. In this article you will know how to use the magnetron sputter system. The magnetron sputter system is use with DC or RF. The goal is to increase ionization of Ar. This is because the higher sputter rates at lower Ar pressures (down to 0.5 mTorr) that means, fewer gas collisions and more line of sight. It also increases probability of electrons striking Ar that also results to increase electron path length and can be use electric and magnetic fields. The most common configuration is crossed electric and magnetic fields. You may want to set the magnets (200 Gauss) behind target. It will trap electrons near cathode that produce more ionization near cathods (10x) and fewer electrons reach substrate (less heating).